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// who is ZZW

ZZW is the dutch abbreviation for zonderzijwieltjes :
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ZZW – zonderzijwieltjes was founded in 2014 by me, Marcel van den Heuvel with the objective to offer back-office / operations / supply chain management support to small and mid-sized companies and start-ups. It is my ultimate goal to improve your supply chain and back-end processes by coaching and enabling the people that make the difference so that you can focus on that what really matters when building a business, the front-end.

With almost 15 years of senior management experience in different supply chain management positions I am well equipped to understand the needs and wants of any organization. I am able to adapt quickly and become part of your organization and will be able to add value in a multitude of back-office disciplines such and ecommerce developments, warehouse transitions and order to cash / management process improvements. Always with your end consumer in mind, and focussed on strengthening you and your team.

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Marcel van den Heuvel

end-to-end supply chain management expert, owner ZZW

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Marcel van den Heuvel

freelance supply chain consultant

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ZZW for Concert Chengdu


ZZW for Bioworld Europe BV

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